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ignoramus n : an ignorant person [syn: know nothing, uneducated person]

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Etymology 1

After the lawyer Ignoramus, the titular character in the 1615 play by Georges Ruggle; from "we do not know".


  1. A totally ignorant person; a fool.
A totally ignorant person

Etymology 2

Directly from "we do not know".


  1. law dated A grand jury's ruling on an indictment when the evidence is determined to be insufficient to send the case to trial.

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Ignoramus is a college farce by George Ruggle (1575 - 1622) based on an Italian comedy by Della Porta. It was written and produced in Clare College, Cambridge in 1615 for James I of England. The play satirizes the college recorder, Brackyn, who is represented as the Ignoramus of the title. He is given a romance of false loves, where he is enamored of Rosabella but is tricked into being with the mannish Polla. Like Malvolio, who is supposed mad, he is suspected of being possessed and put through an exorcism before being carried off to a monastery to recuperate (and to stay away from the loves of the more worthy wits).

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